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2012 Preview: Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins are going to win a greater number of games this year compared to last year, than any other team in baseball. I’m not sure how out-of-consensus that call is; I suppose the Anaheim Angels, Cincinnati Reds, and San Francisco Giants are candidates as well but I think it’ll be pretty easy for the Twins to capture that distinction. The reason is simply, health.

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2012 Preview: Cleveland Indians

“I could tell the Sidd Finch story was a fake. Any player with that kind of talent would have to have been acquired through a trade with the Cleveland Indians.”

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2012 Preview: Chicago White Sox

If you compare yesterday’s preview of the Detroit Tigers with the box above, you’ll notice that on a restated basis, both the White Sox and Tigers gave up an identical amount of runs, 681, in 2011.

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2012 Preview: Detroit Tigers

Wall Street has more than its share of outsized personalities. Not surprisingly, due to the unique interpersonal skills needed to deal with the combustible combination of egos, money, and a high pressure work environment, a number of those outsized personalities find their way into management. I started my career on Wall Street in 1996 working for a gentleman with a huge presence on the trading floor. That’s not just an expression – owing to his background as a Division I defensive lineman, he literally had a large presence. Able to inspire in a quiet voice or intimidate with a profane tongue lashing, he prowled the trading desk less like a business manager and more like a coach.

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Final Cuts

One of the off-the-field storylines of last year’s World Series between Texas and San Francisco was the Giants’ attempt to win their first World Series since the franchise moved from New York in 1957. The once-dominant Giants’ franchise (14 pennants including 5 World Series titles in the 52 years before they moved from New York) had gone 52 years without a title while residing in San Francisco. As such, there was considerable focus on the city of San Francisco during the Series.

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