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Arizona vs. Milwaukee

I think we all have at least one friend who delighted, nay thrived, in his discovery of bands no one else had ever heard of, CDs no one else owned, and performances no one else had seen. The Dave Mathews Band used to perform regularly in my brother’s fraternity house at the University of Virginia in the early ‘90s. I’d get calls from him saying, “Joey you have to see this band. It’s a rock band with a violinist! They’re fantastic.” Yet, when The Dave Mathews Band signed with a national label and started releasing albums a couple of years later, my brother never bought one. He muttered something to the effect of “they’ve changed,” and roll his eyes as I’d start singing Ants Marching off-key.

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American League Division Series Preview

Michael Lewis' extraordinary writing career began with two depictions of life on Wall Street. Chapter 1 of his debut memoir chronicled gambling on the trading floor and provided him with the title of his book, Liar's Poker. The second chapter detailed his experiences during the Wall Street interview process. Describing (and often mocking) the personalities and actions of those on Wall Street who conduct interviews is a staple of the genre. From Lewis’ work, to Jim Cramer’s memoirs, to most recently my former colleague Jared Dillian's book, Street Freak, it's clear that what goes on during interviews at an investment bank provides fodder for commentary.

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