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About the Author

Raised in West Chester, PA by a first generation Italian-American father who adopted baseball as a symbol of his love of America, Joe Peta quickly learned the joy of following the sport --- and the pain of being a 1970s-era Phillies fan.  By the time he was a teenager, Joe felt certain that his heroes Mike Schmidt, Larry Bowa, Steve Carlton, et al would one day be his co-workers. 


While his father instilled a love of baseball in him, sadly, Joe inherited his mother’s throwing arm, so by the time he was in college he turned his career ambitions toward the glamorous and fast-paced life of a Certified Public Accountant.  His new heroes were men like Bill James and Warren Buffett and Joe parlayed his love of numbers into an MBA from Stanford University.  Even in business school, sports were never far from his mind.  At Stanford, Joe penned columns in The Stanford Daily and The Reporter that earned him a following in spite of the constant references to Melrose Place, and his turning down the opportunity to interview campus golfer Tiger Woods to fruitlessly pursue an interview with Olympic Gold Medal winning swimmer Summer Sanders.


In 2011, while recovering from a massive leg injury which curtailed his trading career on Wall Street, Joe began writing Trading Bases, A Story About Wall Street, Gambling, and Baseball*

*Not Necessarily in that Order

Dutton Books, a division of the Penguin Group (USA) has acquired the rights to Trading Bases and a March 7, 2013 release is scheduled.


Trading Bases, the Newsletter began publication at the start of the 2011 baseball playoffs.


Joe lives in San Francisco with his wife and two daughters, and while none of them really like baseball, the youngest two do enjoy saying "Buster Posey."